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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Every Oil without exception is 100% FAT!
We at WRAPSODY lite™committed to keep your body Healthier, therefore our equipment and special grilling process designed Oil-less
We only keep oil in case you ask for it

WRAPSODY lite™ Loyalty Rewards is our way of rewarding you for being a loyal WRAPSODY lite™ customer!
We’re even offering you 50 FREE POINTS just for registering!

Go to WRAPSODYlite.com/loyalty and click Register Now for WRAPSODY lite™ Virtual WRAPcard™
It’s easy and you don’t need to carry plastic card in your valet

  1. Click the Sign Up button under the Create a Card-less Account section.
  2. On the following screen, fill out the online form and click Submit.
  3. You will receive an email from WRAPSODY lite™ Loyalty Rewards with a subject
    line of Welcome to the Program.
  4. Done!

You may access your account online by visiting your member login page here

No. You registered online for Virtual WRAPcard™ and don’t have to carry anything around. To use your exclusive WRAPclub™ Membership simply click your phone WRAPclub™ Member tab and provide your phone number with 6-digit code before you pay for your meal.

In the store, your cashier can look up your account by your phone number and assign your loyalty WRAPcard™ to your check.

You will earn one (1) point for every one dollar you spend on any purchase at WRAPSODY lite™, tax not included. Loyalty customers will receive whole points only and no decimals. We are rounding to the nearest whole dollar.
For example, if your bill before tax is between $9.50 and $10.00, you will earn 10 points. On the other hand, if your check, before tax, is between $9.00 and $9.49, you will receive 9 points.

After you register your WRAPcard™ your 50 FREE points will be added automatically.

When you have earned 100 points on your loyalty WRAPcard™, a $10 WRAPSODY lite™ Loyalty Rewards* will automatically be loaded onto your Virtual WRAPcard™ for use on your NEXT eligible visit.

No, we do not offer Rewards Cash Back

You can still earn points while your card is not registered. However, you will not be able to redeem any rewards until your card has been registered.

No. You must inform our team member if you would like to use your rewards. Your reward will be saved until your next visit but must be redeemed within 60 days from the time you originally earned the WRAPSODY lite™ Loyalty Rewards.

Yes, you will still earn points for the money that you spend. So, if your original bill was $14.99 before tax, and you had a $10 WRAPSODY lite™ Loyalty Rewards, you would earn 5 points for the balance you paid.

No. You can only redeem one WRAPSODY lite™ Loyalty Rewards per check.

Yes. You can use both coupon and your WRAPSODY lite™ Loyalty Rewards.

Yes, you must use them within 60 days from the date you earned your rewards. Rewards passing the 60-day mark will expire and may not be reissued.

No. Orders placed through third party delivery platforms payments made directly to them, and we are not able to apply Loyalty Rewards to any third-party delivery platform (Uber Eats, Grub Hub, etc.)

To get Loyalty Rewards you are more than welcome to:
1. Call in your order for a quick and easy pick up,
2. Place your order through our online ordering platform
3. Simply buy at the store. A list of locations and their contact info can be found here

WRAPPY is happy to celebrate Your Birthday and Rewarding you one FREE Meal.
FREE Meal must include any main or side dish and soda. Total value up to $8.00

You can redeem your WRAPSODYlite™ Birthday Meal Reward any time during the week of your Birthday (Monday through Sunday)

Purchase annual Membership and pay half price for drinks and beverages
WRAPclub™ is offering two types of Memberships:

Silver50% off Any size Natural Soda, Tea or Coffee
Annual Membership $26.00 ($0.50 a week)
Potential Annual Savings $335.35 To Purchase click here

Gold50% off Any Size MilkShake, Small Smoothie or Small Beer
Annual Membership $52.00($1.00 a week)
Potential Annual Savings $493.67 To purchase click here

WRAPclub™ Memberships are perfect gifts to relatives, friends and co-workers for holidays, birthdays, or any other occasion

Buy both Memberships and save up to $829.02

To use your exclusive WRAPclub™Membership, simply click your phone WRAPclub™ Member tab and provide your phone number with 6-digit code before you pay for your meal.

One membership per person per category (SilverWRAP™ and/or GoldWRAP™)
One drink per category with purchase of main or side dish
One drink per category a day purchased individually

If you are ready to help your community,WRAPPY™ is happy to be your partner
Simply sign up your company for WRAPSODY lite™ unique Virtual Fundraising™ and start receiving money on your bank account weekly.
For details click here

We support Our Military, Police and Community!

Police and Military Free Soda click here
Your Birthday Free Meal click here
Loyalty Rewards Free Meal click here
Win Healthy Free Meal click here
Virtual Fundraiser™ Community Support click here

more savings!
Students Savings click here
Senior Citizens Savings click here
Family Savings click here
Memberships Mega Savings click here
*See FAQ for details click here


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