Home of the Original WRAPburger®, WRAPdog & WRAPpizza

Our Food

At WRAPSODY lite™ we believe in food creativity, offering our customers wide variety of top quality Better & Healthier  foods

For the best quality and freshness our ingredients are always sourced from local growers and suppliers

Using more than 100 top-quality ingredients including Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Cheeses, Meats, Poultry, Seafood and Sweets we offer our customers “unique and delicious” experience

No WRAPSODYlite™ item is “pre-cooked” ahead of time and every ingredient is Freshly Grilled in front of customer eyes to order

People love to watch and participate in meal preparation “show”

Transparency builds customers quality trust, making them coming back for more again and again

Our “trademark” – Better & Healthier  Variety, Quality and Taste.

Special equipment and Our Own Oil-less grilling process keep us ahead of our competition in achieving our long-term goals

All your Meal Ingredients selected by you Freshly-Grilled using our proprietary process, adding nice charred and flavor

For complete food flavor satisfaction, we use our proprietary House-Made Classic Dressings and Sauces, favorites you love and enjoy every day, making them even Better & Healthier

In addition, Our Own lite “WRAPPY Secrete Sauce” (WSS) will compliment any of our Classics, or could be used deliciously on its own

Whether inside the WRAPSODY lite™ Restaurant, delivered to your home or office, our Signature WRAPburger®, WRAPdog™ and WRAPpizza™, or Soup, Salad, WRAPsandwich and Sweet WRAPcrepe will Always impress and satisfy you and your pals’ taste.

We love good food, A lot of it, Just like you!

WRAPSODY lite™ is the Place for your Better & Healthier Meal