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WRAPSODY lite™ supporting local schools and organizations one of the ways we enjoy, giving back to benefit the communities that surround us.

We’ve created simple Virtual Fundraising Program, called Funds WRAP raiser™ that is easy for organizations to participate and help local community.

We are serious, ready and willing to help your Fundraiser Charity Cause with our Funds Virtual WRAP raiser™

How Virtual WRAPraiser™ works

*Simply sign up your company for our unique WRAP raiser™ and start receiving money today

Virtual WRAPraiser™ has two Programs to choose from:

#1 WRAPraiser™ – 5.0% commission of gross purchase for 12-month

#2 WRAPraiser™ – 7.5% commission of gross sales for 6-month

WRAPSODY lite™ will provide your Company WRAP raiser™ templet & unique CODE

You email this templet & Code once to your workers, students and friends (CC’s to WRAPSODY lite™) The rest is our job to make sure they hear from us weekly and enjoy Better & Healthier Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Your students, family and friends will enjoy Custom Built Oil-less Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at WRAPSODY lite™

Every WRAPSODY lite™ purchase with your CODE- you get commission.
That’s all to it!

You have enough to worry about in the business, so, relax and collect money on your bank account and we will take care of the rest.

Make a difference in your community, WRAPSODY lite™ will help!

More questions? Give us a call at (833) WRAPSODY (972-7763)

Are you ready to help your community?